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Ya girl the Shea Butter melts easily and its smooth, and it actually absorbs faster than the one I bought off Amazon


I was surprised with the quality of the beads, it is very durable and fashionable!


I got so many compliments on my 'Africa' fan. Such good quality and not to mention there were such beautiful African patterns to choose from


As a man i'm not really into skin care but a friend told me to try the Whipped Shea Butter and I am amazed! The vanilla whipped shea butter feels and smells great.

Devon Jones

My 'Africa' statement sweater represents everything I am! It announces me before I even open my mouth


Tying Your Waist Beads

Learn how to tie your waist beads with the team of African Royalty. A step-by-step tutorial to help tie your favourite beads.

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Colour Meanings of the Beads

Learn what each colour represents. Choose a colour that shows the world who you are and who you want to be.

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Nkuto (Shea Butter)

Learn more about our newest product Nkuto (Shea Butter) available for sale right now.

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