Culture Curator?

When I launched African Royalty at the age of 22, I was just beginning to embrace my African identity and find my place in the world. This venture initially served as a way for me to share the beauty I had encountered during my travels in Africa. Over time, however, African Royalty has evolved far beyond its origins as a fashion and accessories business. It has transformed into a vibrant center for educating others about African culture and celebrating its diverse expressions. African Royalty now plays a pivotal role in exploring and defining African identity in the diaspora. In our journey of education, we encountered the term "Cultural Curators," which resonated deeply with our mission. But what does it mean to be a cultural curator? Explore the concept below.

Preserving African Culture in the Diaspora: The Role of a Cultural Curator

As Africans in the diaspora, we carry a profound responsibility to uphold and propagate our rich cultural heritage. Being a cultural curator in this context means more than just preserving traditions; it involves actively educating ourselves and others to ensure the continuity of African culture across generations and continents.

Embracing Cultural Heritage

Our journey as cultural curators begins with a deep appreciation for our roots. It's about cherishing the diverse traditions, languages, art forms, and rituals that define our identities. Whether we celebrate through music, cuisine, or fashion, each expression becomes a thread connecting us to our ancestral homelands.

Educating and Empowering

Central to our role is the task of educating our communities and the broader society about African customs and values. This includes dispelling stereotypes and misconceptions, while highlighting the beauty and complexity of African cultures. By sharing stories of resilience, innovation, and community, we showcase Africa's vibrant tapestry.

Bridging Generations and Continents

As cultural curators, we act as bridges between past and present, linking our heritage to contemporary global landscapes. Through festivals, workshops, and digital platforms, we create spaces for dialogue and exploration, inviting people of all backgrounds to engage with African traditions authentically.

Preserving Cultural Integrity

While adapting to new environments, we remain steadfast in preserving the integrity of our cultural practices. This involves safeguarding languages, rituals, and knowledge systems from erosion. By embracing both traditional and contemporary forms of expression, we ensure that African culture evolves without losing its essence.


Being a cultural curator in the African diaspora is a commitment to honour and amplify the voices of our ancestors. It's about fostering pride in our heritage and instilling a sense of belonging in future generations. Through education, celebration, and innovation, we embark on a journey of cultural continuity, shaping a more inclusive and interconnected world.

Join us in embracing the legacy of Africa and sharing its beauty with the world. As we continue to grow so to do our ideas and connections to the motherland. Together, we can preserve and celebrate our cultural heritage for generations to come.