Ap・pro ・pri ・a ・tion

The action of taking something for one’s own use, typically without the owner’s permission.

There is a lot of talk on whether selling pieces of your culture to others is appropriate. At African Royalty we understand that people from all over the world would love to take part in all that Africa has to offer. African Royalty pledges to not only share pieces of our culture with the world but to also educate those who choose to take part. In buying any of the products we offer you pledge to learn more about our culture and way of life.

To all our non-Black friends and family around the world, welcome to our site! By reading this you have already taken the first steps to stepping outside of your comfort zones to learn from our rich culture and heritage. Reading this section lets us know you are genuine in your zest for knowledge about cultures outside of your own. Being a conscious consumer is highly overlooked and underrated, but greatly appreciated by those of us who believe our history and culture deserve recognition, understanding and enjoyment.  We want clients like you repping our products and helping us to spread awareness. Thank you for being here and for being you, with a little splash of African Royalty. 

Most of our products are handcrafted in Ghana West Africa, every purchase you make helps to support the local markets and artists behind our designs. Part of doing your part to avoid cultural appropriation is purchasing goods from those who are part of the community from which the items belong. While we hope you purchase them from us we recommend you buy these products or similar ones from Black-owned businesses. It is imperative to support and uplift the people who poured their hearts and souls into these products centuries before it became a trend. 

Thank you for reading