Bead Colour Meanings

The colours represented in African culture are all deeply meaningful and purposeful. They have a symbolic nature and colours can be representative of a variety of emotions, traditions and victories in the wake of struggles. The meaning of the colours we use in our fabrics, waist beads, and paintings are below. Take a look. 

White: divinity, purity, innocence, hope, peacefulness, celebration, peace

Gold: Good health, power and wealth

Orange: Courage, Self-confidence, Vitality

Yellow: royalty, wealth, status, glory, preciousness, fertility, joyfulness, vitality

BLACK: respect, secrecy, nobility, maturity, loss, spiritual energy, elegance, power

BLUE: wisdom, love, unity, prosperity, communion, humility, patience, purity, loyalty

PINK: femininity, care, beauty, love, kindness gentleness, sweetness, finesse, virtue, thoughtfulness, serenity, charm

GREEN: harvest, growth, renewal, life, fertility, youth, birth, harmony, vitality 

RED: healing, passion, spirituality, sacrifice, mother earth, activism, power

SILVER: renewal, healing, cleansing, serenity, purity, contentment

PURPLE: Royalty, Spirituality, healing, femininity, mother earth, rebirth, abundance, intuition